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Roger is an educator and storyteller who learns from his students each day and enjoys sharing his tales of life. 


​When do you know that something has been the right deed, but for the wrong reason?  The novel Strings answers that question. It connects the strings between many unique characters: a powerful San Francisco politician, an ex-cop-turned-reporter and his ex-partner (a police lieutenant and Master of Zahu, the most ancient of the martial arts), and Esse, a man who comes from his desert city where advanced experimentation has evolved a science and technology far beyond the West to supposedly create a plan for world peace.  They join with a brilliant renegade scientist and Esse’s only beloved daughter in a race against time to unravel the strings of power.   How they get there and what they must do brings the novel into the hands of a terrorist who sees peace as the end of the West.


These stories about San Francisco in the 60's speak of that memorable time when the voices of hope and possibilities competed with the drumbeat of the Vietnam War.  Step onto that iconic cable car that follows the network of the city's roads.  

Remember, "it's all about the ride."


this book is about respect for education and therefore respect for the only reason we have classrooms, the students.  In the tradition of Plato, education means to "lead out", to open young thoughtful minds and thus to, "set them free".

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